About The Festival

Building on the legacy of Monkstown as the spiritual home of puppetry in Ireland, the inaugural Monkstown International Puppet Festival (MIPF) will showcase the world of puppetry from both Ireland and abroad.

MIPF will be hosted in the famous streets and venues of Monkstown in South County Dublin, and will offer a wide range of family and adult themed performances, events, & workshops.






Kettle Fish

Hot Water Bottle Theatre Company

Wanderly Wagon

Lambert Puppet Theatre

Punch & Judy Show

Fur City

Louise Gold

Nigel Plaskitt

Muttr Muttr

Tales From The Shadows

Dublin Circus Project





Knox Hall

Built in 1902, this village hall will be reimagined by Hot Water Bottle Theatre – expect a transformation for the day.

Church of Ireland

One of the most famous landmark churches in the country, dating from 1830 this will be the perfect backdrop and performance space for some of our production.

Café du Journal (Festival Office)

This is our festival office where puppeteers can meet in the evening and ticket holders or public can get more information.

Purty Kitchen (Festival Club)

Arguably one of the oldest pubs in Ireland, the Purty Kitchen is home to the famous Purty Loft which has been host to some or Ireland’s biggest stars over the years will be the home to our Festival Club.

Village Square

Recently refurbished by DLR, this provides the perfect setting for our on-street entertainment.

Elephant & Castle

Elephant & Castle Temple Bar has been serving up the finest food and famous wings to legions of fans since 1989. Ireland’s favourite “Elephant” created a new exciting chapter when they opened a third restaurant in Monkstown. We are delighted that they are partnering with us in our first year.

Bresson offers relaxed fine dining in a casual, comfortable and friendly ambience. The restaurant is named after photographer Henri Cartier Bresson, who shook up the formality of classical photography with spontaneity and casual brilliance.

Bresson Restaurant